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*do you need a date of birth?
No just first name & date of last contact.

*do you need the exact date of last contact with the person in question?
No an approximate date is fine.

*do I need to meditate before a session?
No but you should be relaxed & open minded for a clear reading. 

*will you judge me during a reading?
No I will never judge you, I am only here to help you.  You can expect a compassionate & honest reading based only on what I see. I will give my opinion only if asked but will never pass judgment.

*Are readings confidential?
Yes all information remains confidential.

*can you read if I don’t know the persons first name?
Yes as long as the person is in your life path or connected to someone in your life path (ie your ex’s new girlfriend)

*can you tell me when I will meet someone new?
No because I read energy I am unable to tune into someone who doesn’t exist in your life path yet. 

*do you do medium work?
Yes but I cannot summon your loved one. I can only relay messages if they come through during your energy reading.

*Why do you give mostly short-term predictions?
I can only give you information based on the persons current thoughts, feelings & intentions; therefore predictions are mostly short term. If long term predictions are available I will provide you that information with time frames.

*Can you look at someone from my past or a past experience?
Yes as long as you have an approximate date of the last contact or the experience.

*do energy readings work for career path, the workplace & other areas?
Yes they can work for almost anything. If you are unsure if an energy reading is right for you please email and I will answer any questions you have.

*I really want a reading with you but there was no connection. Is something wrong?
Unfortunately this happens sometimes. A reader does not connect with every person. No matter how hard I try I can not tap into the energy. It does not mean there is something wrong just that we can not establish a connection together. We will know within the first 10min of our FIRST reading & if we decide there is no connection you will get a full refund. (see refund policy)

*if there was no connection can I try again?
You can if you’d like to. I suggest you wait at least a few months sometimes there will be a shift in the energy that opens up the connection. If you decide to try again please let me know in the email.

*I had a great reading with you but my friend had so much more detail in her reading why?
Each reading is different because each person thoughts, feelings & intentions are different. Some people are deep thinkers & some are not. Energy readings will give quality details but the quantity depends on the person in question.

*can samara read my energy?
Yes these readings are called life path readings. If you feel you are struggling in a certain area of your life samara can read your energy & give you the information you need to make improvements. Please email for more info.

*can I tape record my reading?
Readings cannot be recorded but you can take notes so have a pen & paper ready.

*what if my phone does not accept private calls?
You must disable the block on your phone to allow samara to call.

*can you tell if I’m pregnant?
No pregnancy is difficult to read sometimes a person’s thoughts & desires are so strong they interfere with the reading.

*do you give medical or legal advice?
No if you need medical, legal or financial advice please contact a professional in that field.

*Samara wants you to have the best experience possible with her energy readings so if you need more information to be sure that an energy reading is right for you please email her at [email protected] with question in the subject line.*
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