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What to Expect
My psychic advice and energy readings are a unique combination of tapping into an individual’s energy waves and doing a tarot reading. I find using this combination allows me to get a detailed read on a person’s thoughts, feelings and intentions. I will ask for the first name of the person you’d like the energy read on and the date of the last contact with this person. Within seconds I will begin telling you what I see.

You can expect an honest and detailed tarot reading from me. You will have a better understanding of your current situation and will receive short-term or long-term predictions if they are available. Predictions are based on the person's current state of mind; therefore they can mostly be short term. Most people are not planning too far in advance but some do and if long-term predictions are available I will provide that information for you with time frames. The information you receive from an energy reading will give you the tools and knowledge to reclaim control of your present circumstances and the details and direction to improve your future.

I specialize in relationships, giving you the ability to understand your partner and see the relationship through their eyes. For example, if you are fighting with your partner or you are confused by his/her actions, an energy reading can help you understand what he/she is thinking and feeling, giving you the clarity needed to improve the situation. Energy patterns can be established so you are better prepared for future situations. A tarot reading can also bring clarity to a past experience such as a break-up to give you the answers you need or closure.  Energy readings can be applied to any area of your life, work, family, and friends. Energy readings, coupled with my psychic advice, can give you insight into any situation! If you are not sure if an energy reading is right for you please check out our FAQ’s or email for more info…

Love and light, Samara
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Psychic Advice—What You Can Expect from Samara