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my favorite tarot card...

by Samara on 04/12/10

Zen Tarot Card

This naked figure sits on the lotus leaf of perfection, gazing at the beauty of the night sky. She knows that "home" is not a physical place in the outside world, but an inner quality of relaxation and acceptance. The stars, the rocks, the trees, the flowers, fish and birds - all are our brothers and sisters in this dance of life. We human beings tend to forget this, as we pursue our own private agendas and believe we must fight to get what we need. But ultimately, our sense of separateness is just an illusion, manufactured by the narrow preoccupations of the mind.

Now is the time to look at whether you are allowing yourself to receive the extraordinary gift of feeling "at "home" wherever you are. If you are, be sure to take time to savor it so it can deepen and remain with you. If on the other hand you've been feeling like the world is out to get you, it's time to take a break. Go outside tonight and look at the stars. (meaning taken from the osho zen website)

As a reader it's difficult to read for myself so when i'm in need of answers i meditate. I have a large collection of tarot decks and one of my favorites is the Osho Zen. I focus on my concerns and pull a card. I came across Existence today and felt i needed to share this beautiful card with you. I've come across it many times over the years & it has become my absolute favorite tarot card. I've copied the meaning above from the website so you can have the general understanding of the card but I would take a deeper look at it & see what impression you get for your self. I am a firm believer that in addition to their general meanings all cards have a special meaning for each individual person.This card reminds me to stop for a moment & breathe...We are constantly running,working,worrying taking care of everyone else around us that we sometimes forget to stop and enjoy life.We are not existing, we are on auto-pilot just going through the motions to get through the day,week, month. We need to close our eyes and breathe in our existence..Realize how important we are to those around us..See how much we do in our day to day lives & appreciate all we have family,love,health,life..Even in our daily struggles finding inner peace  just for a few minutes makes a world of difference.Sometimes the answers to our biggest problems are found in that moment.What does Existence mean for you? If you were to stop all that you were doing right now and breathe what would you feel? happiness,loneliness,fear,love? What would you see around you? family,friends,enemies,order,chaos?A wise man once told me "your world doesnt truly exist until you open your eyes"  We miss so much of whats going on around us when we are on auto-pilot but i promise you if you stop for a moment, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths...when you open your eyes again you will see your world as it truly exists....take a moment & Experience your Existence... 



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